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The healing energy of the Agnihotra fire is locked within the ash left in the copper pyramid.  Simple home remedies have been used by thousands of people around the world to successfully treat a wide range of ailments. It is the only known substance that can neutralize the effects of radiation in the body. Anyone can learn how to make their own Agnihotra ash and create their own effective home remedies.

how to make homa remedies


how to prepare agnihotra ash

To prepare Agnihotra medicines, first perform Agnihotra regularly at the exact time of sunrise/ sunset. This is done to ensure the unique potency which lies within the ashes of the Agnihotra fire. This ash is the basic substance necessary for preparation of all Agnihotra medicines.These medicines should never be sold. They are folk remedies intended to be prepared at home and shared freely for the benefit of all.For optimal purity of Agnihotra ash used for medicines, it is best to bathe and put on clean clothes before performing Agnihotra. After performing Agnihotra, do not disturb the ash until the next Agnihotra cycle. In other words, after evening Agnihotra, do not touch the ash until the next morning.Keep the Agnihotra ash in a natural container like glass, pottery or copper. Do not store the ash in plastic or any other metal besides copper.


Agnihotra ash powder

Before preparing any remedies, you will need to sift the ash through a fine mesh. With this fine powder all types of remedies can be produced. Agnihotra ash has been shown to greatly reduce pathogenic bacteria, thus taking the ash internally is an excellent prophylactic against illness. It is recommended to take Agnihotra ash orally three times a day to counteract atmospheric pollution, environmental toxicity, and to protect oneself from disturbing frequencies that may exist from microwaves, cell phones, computers, etc.


Agnihotra ash powder

Agnihotra ash greatly increases the alkalinity of the water, thus is an excellent combatant agains all types of disease, illnesses and maladies, which thrive in an acidic system. The ash is full of Prana and all micro nutrients necessary to encourage perfect health. For a daily health tonic, take orally together with water.To prepare Agnihotra ash water, take the ash powder which you already sifted and mix a full teaspoon of ash per liter of water. Stir and allow to settle. Keep the water in glass or ceramic vessel, not metal or plastic. Drink at least three times a day. You can also add a couple of handfuls of ash to your well or water supply tank. Studies have shown that simply by adding Agnihotra ash to water, it brings it to life and balances the ph to an alkaline state.


Agnihotra ointment

Combine ghee (clarified butter) with Agnihotra ashes. Ghee has special transport qualities to take the medicine to the exact location of the disease. Mix one part Agnihotra powder with nine parts per weight ghee in a suitable pot for preparing ointment. Use externally for burns, dry skin diseases, etc. and internally for heart patients.


Agnihotra cream

Combine one part ghee with three parts pure spring or well water by volume and knead together by palm in a vessel of pure copper. Pour out excess water not absorbed by the ghee and add three parts new water again to the ghee. Repeat the same process 15 times. Next, combine one part Agnihotra powder to nine parts of water-ghee mixture in a pot suitable for making ointments to produce Agnihotra Cream. Made for external use.


Agnihotra inhalation

Mix one teaspoonful Agnihotra ash powder in a cup of boiling water then mix any additional herbs or essential oils you wish to use with the inhalation. Cover your head with a thick towel and keep your face directly above the bowl, inhaling the vapor deeply. Continue to breath in slowly deep into the lungs for at least 5 minutes. After completion, keep the body warm and head covered until the hair is dry.

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