Agnihotra Facts

After following a workshop on Agnihotra you can start right away at home.

It is important that you have a place in the house or outside where you can do Agnihotra undisturbed. In the beginning, take the time to prepare everything 15 minutes in advance. Make sure that all materials are ready and that you are heading east in the morning with the pyramid in front of you. The silk of the d. pyramid always faces east. You take enough time beforehand to Agnihotra. Wash your hands beforehand, rinse your mouth and splash yourself (hair and clothing) a little wet. We do this because of bacteria in the mouth and energy that you carry from others. Water neutralizes negative energy that you carry from others, for example. You execute Agnihotra via a timetable that can be downloaded. If you deviate from this scheme, it is not Agnihotra, but an ordinary fire without effect. When you have prepared everything in the pyramid and selected the rice, light the fire with a match around 3 minutes and 40 seconds before the Agnihotra process. Only matches are used for lighting. Put 2 drops of ghee in your copper rice container. Mix the rice. Start with Agnihotra at the specified time on the list. You start with the mantra and the giving of the rice. After these actions it is ready. You say the mantra 1 time. If after giving v.d. rice is left, get rid of it. You let the fire do its job. You don't add anything and don't move the pyramid. Agnihotra is complete when all rice is burned and the fire is out.


The rice you use is organic and raw brown rice. The amount you need is 2 x amount that you can grab with 3 fingers. For Agnihotra you only use whole grains of rice. O.

Bare feet / socks

Grounding is very good because you work with energy, which is why you don't wear shoes.


When doing Agnihotra, make sure there are no flammable materials around the pyramid. Especially when you are outside, take the wind into account, for example.

Radio-controlled clock.

Use a clock with atomic time. You can obtain this via the internet or various shops.

Give rice

You give rice with the right hand. After giving, clean the Agnihotra spoon, rice bowl and your fingers with a piece of kitchen roll. If you leave ghee in the rice bowl, it can oxidize over time.

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