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In our house we apply daily knowledge that comes from the Homatherapy. Small, simple things that enhance the living environment both indoors and outdoors. Think for example of: Nutrition, Pure water, Awareness, Self-sufficiency, Remedies, Meditations, Agnihotra fires, Additional Homa fires and As ointments & healingtools. By making small adjustments in daily life you can build a new pattern within 1 month. Homatherapy works from practice. Agnihotra and Homatherapy are used in and around the house. The most important thing is that you perform Agnihotra1 or 2 times a day. You will notice that by starting a number of times a week as with Agnihotra, change will become visible. Over time, many people benefit from using the Homatherapy knowledge. That’s because of the restoration of the atmosphere. A better atmosphere ensures a healthier living environment. Do you want to apply the knowledge of Homatherapy or gain more knowledge about it? We give lectures for interested parties about applying this knowledge. Mail for more information to: info@homatherapy.nl


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