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The Agnihotra fire is the basic Homa of Homatherapy. Homatherapy is through
everyone applicable and practicable, regardless of age, culture, religion,
sex. It is this universal Vedic knowledge that is the living environment of
brings people & animals back into balance. Homatherapy contributes to
climate change, agriculture, bioenergy and psychotherapy, among others. The
knowledge of Homatherapy stems from Vedic knowledge. The 1st step in
Homatherapy is the basic Homa called Agnihotra fire which is carried out
during sunrise and sunset. This process is aligned with it
biorespace of sunrise and sunset.

This age-old knowledge provides harmony and balance for the 21st century.
Restore the atmosphere and the atmosphere restores you. That is the basis of
this therapy form. Agnihotra and Homatherapy are tools on it
field of spirituality and contemporary science. From 19 there is
started to share the Agnihotra fire worldwide.
Today, Anihotra is used in almost all countries in the world
performed by men, women and children.

The Agnihotra fire trial is after the 1969 Somayag in Solapur
made known and then shared with the world. From the
In the 1970s this knowledge was spread from North America to the south
America. Then Europe, Africa, East Europe, Arab countries, South East
Asia and eventually in almost the entire world.

The reason why Homatherapy NL exists?
Agnihotra is the tool that empowers everyone to be positive
to make a conscious contribution to your living environment. There has been one since 2013
started to share this information in the Netherlands. As of 2014
we are officially recognized as Homatherapy educators. From that moment on
did we visibly distribute information at festivals, fairs,
workshops and lectures. Through our own experience we have seen, noticed that
Agnihotra and Homatherapy is of great significance to our world as well
living environment. Our mission is to share this knowledge and everyone in the
opportunity to have a happy, satisfied and more balanced
to realize life for himself and the neighbor in his / environment.

Do you also want to contribute to recovery and a more positive contribution to your own
please contact us via info@homatherapy.nl

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