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If you want to start with Agnihotra, we offer the basic set. This complete set ensures that you have all the right supplies at hand. Anyone can perform Agnihotra regardless of religion, age, culture, etc., because it is a universal tool. Performing Agnihotra is easy, but it can only be done in 1 way. You learn this by signing up via our workshops that are in the agenda. Do you want the guarantee that you get the right information about theory and practice? Then make sure you follow a workshop with a certified Homatherapy teacher. At Homatherapy NL you are at the right place for the correct factual information. If one does not follow a workshop or if you do not have the correct instructions, the correct effect cannot be experienced and Agnihotra has no effect.

Our basic sets contain the best materials and ingredients. We try to achieve the highest possible quality of all products, because this makes the effect even stronger.

The basic set contains: 1 Copper pyramid with fixed dimensions, 1 jar of ghee with Ayurvedic standard, 1 copper standard, 1 spoon, 1 rice bowl, 1 kg Homa cow dung, 1 MP3 CD, 1 jar of organic rice.

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