Large Fire pilar Agnihotra set / tryambakam set


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Natural color pilar 1,43 cm include:

300 gram Ghee
2 kg Cowdung
Agnihotra Spoon
Copper lid
Agnihotra pyramide
Ghee copper jar
Mantra CD

The Agnihotra fire pilar is a unique wooden handmade pillar meant for a special place in your vegetable / meditation / garden. On each Pilar a Homatherapy logo will be placed. Make sure the pillar is placed in the sand. The center pillar will be filled with earth to about 3 cm below the edge. This will make direct contact with the earth.The sand ensures that the pyramid makes direct contact with the earth. With the different models you can perform Agnihotra sitting or standing. Both the center and standing model are made at the heart level.The best place for the fire pilar is under a canopy or arbor.The fire pilar is treated with a stain. The fire pilar is available as a separate unit, but also as a complete set to perform Agnihotra or other Homa’s.There is a delivery time for this product. Please inquire before ordering.


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