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Malas are used as a meditation tool. The mantra you recite or think is counted. The repetition of the mantra or word focuses on the now moment. This is a mindful meditation technique. You focus completely on the repetition of the mantra. The rudraksha bead represents 1x recited mantra. The extra bead at the end is the so-called “guru bead”. You do not touch these while practicing the mantra. The guru bead is the beginning and end of the 108 steps you will take during this meditation. The 108 beads represent chakras, planets, steps and phases that you make in life. The number 108 added up stands for 9. The number 9 stands for the constant movement of the universe.
When you are done at the end of the mantra you are at the guru bead. You don’t touch this one.
If you want to continue meditating, turn the mala half a turn with your hand.
You never touch the mala with your index finger during meditation. The mala lies between your thumb and your middle finger.
Keep the mala in a fixed place in a mala bag or pouch. Meditate with positive thought.
A mala is sacred. Do not wear this at funerals, parties, etc. This detracts from the built-up energy of the mala. If you use mala as jewelry, use it purely as jewelry and not for meditation.
Use your own mala for meditation. Our malas are all washed in the sacred Narmada river near Maheswar. At Maheswar is the Agnihotra goshala of Shree Vasant Paranjapi (bringer of the Agnihotra fire in the west). All malas here have been charged and washed before and carry the healing energy of this place.


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