Meditation MERU pyramid


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Handmade from pure copper to the same angles as The Great Pyramid of Egypt. Included is an activated 25 cm (10″) Shri Yantra and a Quartz Crystal capstone to raise consciousness and vibrations to the highest.

Wonderful tool for meditation, healing, therapies and creating sacred space! Good for energizing food, water, crystals, gardens, plants, seeds, homes, etc.

Made with 18mm (3/4″) copper tubes to increase sturdiness. It fully dismantles to portable size and comes with assembly instructions.

This is the Therapy Meru Pyramid model which has a base width of 250 cm (8′ 1/4″) and a height of 160 cm (5′ 1/4″). It will easily accommodate someone seated on a standard chair or a person reclining. We can custom make the pyramid if you prefer a variation in the size to better fit your intended space or purpose. Please contact us.

Important: We make the Therapy and Meditation Meru Pyramid models to order. We ask for 3-4 weeks to prepare your order but usually it is quicker than that.

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