What is Agnihotra?

everything you need to know about agnithotra

What is Agnihotra?

Agnihotra is a healing fire from the ancient science of Ayurveda. It is a process of purifying the atmosphere through a specially prepared fire that is carried out daily at dawn and dusk. The beneficial effects of Agnihotra help reduce stress, improve overall health and increase energy. This simple yet powerful tool is used all over the world by people from all walks of life with amazing results that help transform their lives and heal the planet.

Where does agnihotra come from

Agnihotra is derived from the Vedas, an ancient knowledge recorded in Sanskrit. Sanskrit is a highly developed and complex language and the mother of all Indo-European languages. The information in the Vedas is said to be revealed knowledge, passed down orally for thousands of years before being incorporated into the written version of Sanskrit in a later era, around 1500 BC.

Thousands of years ago the intricate physics of our universe was described in the Vedas, even to an exact description of the atom. Methods were given to attain higher states of consciousness, to live in harmony with the earth, and techniques to purify the atmosphere. It is from this body of knowledge that the ancient science of fire purification originates. In those ancient times, special fire ceremonies were performed by many ancient cultures around the planet, including the Hopi Native Americans, Mayans, Shamans, or Siberia. Agnihotra is the rediscovered fire science that can be performed by anyone from any life course.

How does Agnihotra work?

The fire is prepared in a small copper pyramid of specific size and shape. Brown rice, dried cow biscuits and ghee (clarified unsalted butter) are the substances that are burned. Just at the time of sunrise and sunset the mantras are spoken and a small offering of rice and ghee is given to the fire.

In the time of Agnihotra, enormous amounts of energy are collected around the copper pyramid. A magnetic field is created that uses this life-giving power of the sun and creates a healing bio-resonance that purifies the atmosphere of pollutants and neutralizes harmful radiation. The resulting atmosphere provides nourishment and nourishment to all life forms. A positive pattern is created by someone doing Agnihotra purely through his / her performance. One of the main elements of Agnihotra is the uttering of Sanskrit mantras when the fire is performed. Sanskrit is a language of pure vibration that has never been the native language of any culture. When the Sunrise / Sunset mantras are chanted, a resonance is created within the pyramid that is pushed into the atmosphere by the fire.

Effects or Agnihotra

Humanity now more than ever needs a tool that can help purify the atmosphere, grow pure food that is uncontaminated by pollutants, and return to a state of balance and harmony with our fellow human beings and our Mother Earth. Agnihotra is the healing tool to achieve this.

The transformative effects of Agnihotra have been documented in numerous scientific studies, personal experiences and testimonials around the world. It is a healing tool that anyone can use regardless of race, creed or religion. Studies have been conducted on the beneficial effects on plant life, human health, atmospheric purification and in the field of psychotherapy.

Below is a list of just some of the securities shown by Agnihotra. This list is by no means exhaustive: • Reduction of stress and tension in the mind • Renews brain cells, revitalizes the skin and purifies the blood. • Produces large quantities of negative ions that feed the atmosphere. • Neutralizes pathogenic bacteria • Agnihotra smoke has the opposite effect of all other types of smoke. When inhaled, it enters the bloodstream and improves circulation, is a tonic for the nervous system and brings the body into a state of harmony. actually see growth, communication, etc. Plants receive nourishment from the Agnihotra atmosphere, become happy and grow well. • Just as Agnihotra pyramid fire nourishes plants, it provides the same for human life and animals. • When Agnihotra is performed, the Agnihotra smoke collects particles of harmful radiation from the atmosphere and neutralizes their radioactive effect on a very subtle level. Nothing is destroyed, only changed • An aura energy field is created around plants during Agnihotra. In this way, plants become stronger and disease resistant. • When the flame goes out, the energy is trapped in the resulting ash. This ash is used for the preparation of various folk medicines.

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